Born Sydney 1976



2003            MFA (Art) California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles

1997            BA (First Class Honours) Visual Arts, University of Western Sydney



2018            Finalist, Incinerator Art Prize, Incinerator Gallery

                    Winner 2nd prize, Pro Hart Outback Art Prize, Broken Hill Art Gallery

                     Finalist, Paul Guest Prize, Bendigo Art Gallery

2017            Finalist, Footscray Art Prize

                     Highly commended, St Kevins Art Prize

                     Winner, Muswellbrook Art Prize - Works on Paper

2016            Finalist, The Substation Contemporary Art Prize

                      Finalist, Paul Guest Prize

                      Finalist, Rick Amor Drawing Prize 

                      Finalist, Swan Hill Print & Drawing Acquisitive Awards

                      Finalist, Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize

2015             Finalist, Hobart City Art Prize

                      Finalist, Hutchins Art Prize

                      Finalist, Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award           

2014            Finalist, Paul Guest Prize

                      Finalist & Acquired artist, Kedumba Drawing Award

                      Finalist, The Incinerator Art Award

2013            Finalist, Fleurieu Art Prize

                      Overall Runner-up/Special Commendation Award, Hutchins Art Prize

                      Finalist, Sunshine Coast Art Prize

                      Finalist, Hazelhurst Art Award 

                      Finalist, Lethbridge 10000 Small-Scale Art Award

2012            Finalist, The Fishers Ghost Art Prize

                      Finalist, The Substation Contemporary Art Prize

                      Finalist, National Works on Paper

                      Finalist, The Paul Guest Prize

2011            Finalist, Hobart City Art Prize

                      Finalist, The Substation Contemporary Art Prize

2010            Winner, Metro Art Award,

                      Winner Local Artist Award, Williamstown Festival Contemporary Art Prize

2008            Finalist, Robert Jacks Drawing Prize

2006            Finalist, National Works on Paper

2006            Winner Local Artist Award, Tattersall’s Contemporary Art Award,

2005            Awarded, NAVA Visual and Craft Artists’ Grant Scheme

2002            Awarded, CalArts Scholarship

                      Awarded, CalArts Deans Reserve Fund

                      Awarded, Samstag Supplementary Scholarship

2001            Awarded, Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship

2000            Awarded, Gunnery Studio Program, Artspace, Sydney

1998            Finalist, Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship

1997            Awarded, William Fletcher Trust Grant



2016             Vast exposure intimate folds, Scott Livesey Galleries (Oct)

2014            Obsolescent Transit, Scott Livesey Galleries (May)

2013            Time Travels, Mick Gallery, Sydney (Oct)

2012            Wasteland Wanderlust, Metro Gallery, Melbourne (Aug)

2011            Auto Abandon, Metro Gallery, Melbourne (Mar)

2009            Sunrise after sunset before sunrise, Billboard Project Hobsons Bay Council, Melbourne (Jan)

2007            Wild West Break Down, Nellie Castan Gallery (Aug)

2006            Auto Drive By, Mori Gallery, Sydney (Jun)

2004            Drawings, Room 35 at Gitte Weise Gallery, Sydney (Nov)

2004            Stitched, Gertrude Contemporary Exhibitions, Melbourne (Aug)

2003            Untitled, Gallery D300, CalArts, Los Angeles (Feb)

2002            Paul White Sews, Winslow Garage, Los Angeles (Nov)

2002            Untitled, The Lime Gallery, CalArts, Los Angeles (Feb)

2001            Untitled, Rubyayre gallery, Sydney (Feb)

2000            The Green Room, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney (Jul)

1999            Detour, Room 35 at Gitte Weise, Sydney (Aug)

1998            n>4+g7-?i1)..Y, Open House Gallery, Sydney (Oct)

1997            Untitled, 151 Regent Street, Sydney (Feb)





2018           Incinerator Art Prize, Incinerator Gallery (Oct)

                    Pro Hart Outback Art Prize, Broken Hill Art Gallery (Aug)

                    Paul Guest Prize, Bendigo Art Gallery (Jul)

2017            Out of Line, May Space, Syd (Nov)

                     Footscray Art Prize, Footscray Community Arts Centre (May)

                     St Kevins Art Prize, St Kevins College (Mar)

                     Muswellbrook Art Prize, Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre (Mar)

                      How Does your garden grow?, Goulburn Regional Art Gallery (Feb)

                      Summer Salon, Scott Livesey Galleries, (Feb)

2016           Curtain Call, Blindside, Melb (Dec)

                     Double Bind, Trocadero art space, Melb (Nov)

                     The Substation Contemporary Art Prize, Newport Substation, Melb (Sept)

                    Paul Guest Prize, Bendigo Art Gallery (Aug)

                      Just Draw, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery (Aug)

                    Rick Amor Drawing Prize, Art Gallery of Ballarat (July)

                    Swan Hill Print & Drawing Awards, Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery (May)

                    Just Draw, Newcastle Art Gallery (Feb)

                    Hot Rod, Goulburn Regional Gallery (Feb) 

                      Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize, PLC, Sydney (Feb) 

2015            Hobart City Art Prize, Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery, Tasmania (Sept)

                    Hutchins Art Prize, Long Gallery, Hobart (Sept)

                      Mug Shot, Gallery Ecosse, NSW (July)

                      The Salon, Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne (June)          

                      Visible Storage, Artbank, Sydney (June)

                      Group Show, Gallery Ecosse, NSW (May)

2014            The Paul Guest Prize, Bendigo Regional Gallery, Bendigo (Nov)

                      Kedumba Drawing Award, Orange Regional Gallery, Orange (Nov)

                      Kedumba Drawing Award, Wild Valley Art Park, Wentworth Falls (Oct)

                      The Incinerator Art Award, the Incinerator Gallery, Melb (Oct)

                      Twenty Fourteen, Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne (Aug)

                      Melbourne Art Fair/Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne (Aug)

                      Jet Set, City Gallery, Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne (Feb)

2013            Modern Ruin, The Substation, Newport, Melb (Nov)

                      Fleurieu Art Prize, McLaren Vale, South Australia (Oct)

                      Hutchins Art Prize, Long Gallery, Hobart (Oct)

                      Welcome!Welcome!, Strange Neighbour, Melbourne (Sept)

                      Sunshine Coast Art Prize, Caloundra Regional Gallery, Caloundra, QLD (Aug)

                      Hazelhurst Art Award, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Hazelhurst, Syd (July)

                      Lethbridge 10000 Small-Scale Art Award, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane (June)

                      Deconstructed, Metro gallery, Melb (June)

                      +1, Marrickville Garage, Sydney (Feb)

2012            The Game pt II, These Walls Don’t Lie Gallery, Adelaide, (Nov)

                      Fishers Ghost Art Prize, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney (Oct)

                      The Substation Contemporary Art Prize, Newport Substation, Melbourne (Sept)

                      National Works on Paper, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Melbourne (Aug)

                      The Paul Guest Prize, Bendigo Art Gallery, Melb (July)

                      Young Guns, Linton & Kay Contemporary, Perth (Feb)

2011            Chain Letter, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles, (Aug)

                      The Substation Contemporary Art Prize, Newport Substation, Melbourne (Aug)

                      Hobart City Art Prize, Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery, Tasmania (July)

                      Winter Solstice, Metro Gallery, Melbourne (June)

                      Metro gallery Group show, Metro Gallery, Melbourne (Jan)

2010            Metro Art Award, Metro Gallery, Melbourne (Aug)

                      MCM House Art Show, MCM House, Sydney (May)

                      Look See, Hunter St Mall – in conjunction with Look Hear @ Newcastle Regional Gallery Newcastle (April)

                      Off the Wall - Art Melbourne, Exhibition Centre, Melbourne (April)

                      Williamstown Festival Contemporary Art Prize, Newport Substation, Melbourne (March)

                      After Christmas Slasher Sale, Public Space One, Iowa City, Iowa (Jan)

2009            Koast Snowboarding an exhibition, Saatchi & Saatchi Gallery, Sydney (Sept)

                      The Forty Thieves 2, Gorker Gallery, Melbourne (Aug)

2008            Stitched, Penrith Regional Gallery, Sydney (Nov)

                      Robert Jacks Drawing Prize, Bendigo Gallery, Melbourne (Sept)

                      Cracow Screen Festival, Cracow, Poland (May)

2006            2x1, Nellie Castan Gallery (Dec)

                      Tallis Foundation National Works on Paper, Mornington Regional Gallery (Jun)

                      Pleasures and Terrors, Blindside, Melbourne (May)

                      Tattersall’s Contemporary Art Award, Newport Substation, Melb (Mar)

2005            Paper Chase, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne (Dec)

                      Lapped, Campbelltown Arts Centre, (Sep)

                      Room 35 turns 8, Room 35 at Gitte Weise, Sydney (Sep)

                      CalArts Alumni Reunion Show, CalArts, Los Angeles (Jul)

                      CalArts Fundraiser, Online Show/Auction (May)

                      No War Benefit, Mori Gallery, Sydney (May)

                      Checkpoint; Placard Project. Mori Gallery, Sydney (Jan)

2004            Junket, Instituto de Cultura de Baja California, Tijuana, Mexico (Aug)

2003            Home Sweet Home: Works from the Peter Fay Collection, National Gallery of Australia, (Oct)

                      We’ve Moved, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA, (Sep)

                      Emergence, Track 16, Bergamot station, Los Angeles, CA (Mar)

                      Art Weird, Stevenson Blanche Gallery, Valencia, CA (Feb)

2002            Soft, Time and Place, Lebec, CA (Nov)

                      Mid Residency Show, CalArts, Los Angeles (Oct)

2001            That was now, this is then, Gitte Weise, Sydney (Jun)

                      Gettin’ Lucky, Lewers Gallery, Penrith (Feb)

2000            Rubyayre Benefit Show, Rubyayre Gallery, Sydney (Apr)

1999            Hack, Grey Matter, Sydney (Nov)

                      Nine Lives, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney (Oct)

                      Qintex, Smith and Stoneley, Brisbane (Jul)

                      Al Eisen and Friends, Herringbone Gallery, Sydney (Mar)

1998            Symbol (Mx6), first draft, Sydney (Aug)

                      Suspension, Herringbone Gallery, Sydney (Jul)

                      Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship, Artspace, Sydney (May)

1997            Sterile Until Opened or Damaged, Artspace, Sydney (Dec)

                      Love Letters to John McDonald, 151 Regent Street, Sydney (May)

                      Hatched: Healthway National Graduate Show, Perth Institute of Cont. Art,(Apr)

1996            How Much Do You Love Me?, 151 Regent St, Sydney (Dec)

                      Taking A Line, Victoria College of the Arts, Melbourne (Sep)



 2014           Australian Muscle Car Magazine, feature article

                      Artist Profile, issue 27, ‘Process’ pg 128 - 130

2013            The Age, Your weekend: In the galleries, Welcome! Welcome! Dan Rule, 19/10/13

                      The Age, Stickybeak into our neighbours’ yards, Robert Nelson, 9/10/13

                      Presenter, Semi - Permanent Creative Conference, Melbourne Convention Centre (Oct)

                      Presenter, Semi - Permanent Creative Conference, Sydney Convention Centre (May)

2012            Empty magazine, Issue 22

                      Wasteland Wanderlust, Metro Gallery Exhibition catalogue with essay by Ashley Crawford

2010            The Age, Melbourne, Metro Gallery Awards, 11/8/2010

                      Beat Magazine, Shop assistant wins Metro Gallery award, 11/8/2010

                      Hobsons Bay Leader, Not too rusty, 10/8/2010

                      Stonnington Leader, Ride-in on dinosaurs, 10/8/2010

                      Sydney Morning Herald, 24 hrs The Arts Diary, Rainbow Dreams, 4/8/2010

                      Herald Sun Melbourne, Drawing on a love of cars, 4/8/2010

                      The Mail, Classic cars honoured on canvas, 4/8/2010

                      Channel 9 news Melbourne, Metro Gallery Award, 3/8/2010

                      Transfer Snowboard Magazine, Art & Culture, Issue 3, 2010

                      Williamstown Advertiser, Artist off the wall and over the moon, 24/3/2010

                      Williamstown Advertiser, Another success for artist, 17/3/2010

2009            Hobsons Bay Leader, Holden on to an icon, 10/3/2009

                      Williamstown Advertiser, Sunsets on billboard series, 4/2/2009

                      Hobsons Bay Leader, Sun sets on conversations billboard art project, 3/2/2009

                      22 zine, Issue 5, Oct 09, feature artist, pg 26 viewable online

2008            Empty magazine issue 12, front cover and inside spread feature

2007            Article – The Journal of Art Education Victoria, Vol 9, Number 2, 2007 pg 36 - Review ‘Wild West Break Down’ Sue Kinneally

                      The Age, A2, Art around the galleries, Megan Backhouse 11/8/07

2004            Sydney Morning Herald, Metro, Tracy Clement, 10/12/04

                      Interview on 3RRR FM (Melbourne), High & Low, 31/8/04

                      Stitched Exhibtion catalogue pub. Gertrude contemporary

                      Junket Exhibition Catalogue

2003            New American Paintings, Open Studios Press, Boston, MA.

2002            Sydney Morning Herald, Change of Art, Lenny Ann Low, 24/7/02

2001            Sydney Morning Herald, Exhibitions, Weird Science, Victoria Hynes, 22/6/01

                      Sydney Morning Herald, Exhibitions, Lucky Stars, Victroia Hynes, 2/3/01

                      Gettin’ Lucky Exhibition catalogue

2000            The 2001 Anne and Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship catalogue (pub. Samstag program, University ofSouth Australia)

                      Art Asia Pacific, In Search of Dissidence, A. Curruthers, #28, p.40-47

                      Art and Text, Hack (review), Blair French, #69, p.90

1999            Nine Lives Residency and Exhibition catalogue (pub. Casula Powerhouse)

                      Sydney Morning Herald, Spectrum Arts, Much Ado About…What?, Bruce James, 20/11/99.

                      Sydney Morning Herald, Spectrum Arts, Al Eisen and Friends, Bruce James, 03/04/99.

1998            Interview on 2SER FM (Australia), Arts on the Air, 15/08/98

                      Interview on 2SER FM (Australia), The Buzz, 13/08/98

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1997            The West Australian, Big Weekend, Cullinanes Travels, David Bromfield, 28/06/97

                      Healthway: National Graduate Show catalogue (pub. PICApress)




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